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New Moon Poster Leaked

Thanks for the heads up from a friend in Pinayads.com we got the chance to have a glimpse of the first poster for the Twilight saga's sequel New Moon. It is reported that the first poster for the movie will not be released not until tomorrow at 7am EST but Washington Times accidentally (or intentionally, hehehe) published the poster online (but eventually taken down).

But since the damage is done and we already got the copy. I think no one can't stop us to spread this. My Die hard fan officemate is already jumping in joy on her cubicle right now. But I still have little doubt about this poster because it can be some work of a fan. Let's see if we see tomorrow's news.

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minor said...

hope it's a fake like this http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/03/fake-new-moon-p.html?iid=top25-Robert+Pattinson+naked!+Well,+half.+Sorta.+In+a+'New+Moon'+poster.+That's+fake.

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