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Marvel Launches New Facebook RPG: Marvel Avengers Alliance

I've been very lazy lately to post any updates here on my blog because of the fact that after resigning, I'm currently enjoying a lot of things that I hardly enjoy before like catching up on some TV series, movies and playing games that I missed.  Not to mention the Holiday parties I'm attending these past few days that majorly eats all my time for the day.  Well now I'm currently catching up on my backlogs but thanks to Marvel, I'm procrastinating again.

Marvel The Avengers Alliance is a Facebook game app based on Marvel's top brand which is The Avengers.  The game has a turn-based format that enables player to create his own avatar as a SHIELD agent.  Then as he progress in the game, he will be given the option to recruit more characters to expand his party.

What is good about this game is it really uses that old school RPG turn based format as oppose to some facebook RPG that are all text based.  The game is more exciting and more addictive.  The characters that can be recruited are not all necessarily members of The Avengers but there are also characters from some titles most specifically from X-Men.

Off course classic RPG elements is still present like egipments, skills and experience points but like all Facebook apps, the game has a limitation on usage in the form of energy points.  If you run out of energy points, you practically lose the will to fight on battles forcing you to stop playing.  Unless you will spend real bucks for the energy points which is extremely pricey.

So far I'm loving the app. But for me who is easily bored by repetitive gameplay, I wonder when will I lose all the interest to play it.  Only time can tell.  To try the game, login on your Facebook account and go here.

If you're a friend, add me as an ally :)

A fellow Marvel Alliance and FB friend pointed out that sending gifts are unlimited.  Possibly a glitch or bug but it is also possible that it is intentional since they are still in Beta Testing. So to those who want to test it, do it now and stock up your avatar with items while the bug is still up.

Been disconnected to the game for almost 4 days after a maintenance.  Not really sure what happened why I can't get through the game but I'm glad that I'm back.  After several hours of level grinding, I got the chance to follow through with my fellow MAAers pioneers.  But something is updated that I didn't like. The price for hero recruitment is revised and it went up several folds.  Lucky for some of my FB friends who got the chance to play it while the prices are still down.  They got the chance to recruit a lot of heroes.  yep, I feel jealous.  Oh well, I'll just look on the brighter side of the coin.  With lesser ally heroes, I can concentrate more on maintaining them.

Marvel releases an official trailer for the game hinting for the upcoming public launch. Watch the video below.

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Anonymous said...

sending gift is unlimited, accepting gift is limited

Anonymous said...

how to get S.h.i.e.l.d. points???? on marvel avenger alliance???

Anonymous said...

Can you restart your character with the same account?

Anonymous said...

does anyone knows how to gain command points fast without using your gold reserves?

treysome said...

so glad they included storm and phoenix

Rocky525 said...


Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time with shield points. My friends send me plenty and i keep accepting. Then it stops- "accept gift limit" Fine. I understand that part.

But when I enter the game.... Not a single shield point shows up.
Wait a few minutes.. The "GIFT " is back in the list counted as 165
so i accept again...
after accepting.. gifts are like 80 something or so... left since cant accept more.
then click play...
not a single one got recieved..

come on! my mercs are 100% exp and i cant level them up because i lack shield points.

it used to work before but now, the gifts im recieving won't show up when i play.

its been doing this for a week now.

Anonymous said...

need more facebook friends that actually play this game, does anyone know of a site where people are looking for app friends?

Joriben Zaballa said...

guys for now I stopped playing the game since the chapter 6 is still locked for beta testing. I know everyone is frustrated about the bugs but I suggest you keep your cool and just wait for the official launch. For now we can't do anything but to wait.

Anonymous said...

the accepting gift limited is so FAIL

Anonymous said...

why im still there in chapter 6? i already done the mission there, but still im there?

Joriben Zaballa said...

Chapter 7 is still not open. :)

Anonymous said...

I cant sent lop ships requests to friends, it sent me error and ma name is ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ :'( i think ill erase game n start over :(. n i recently get ma Spidey char :((((

Unknown said...

come on news events marvel avengers alliance https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marvel-avengers-alliance-news-event/342037412539242

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