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First Look on Dakota Fanning in New Moon

After being rumored to be included in the Twilight sequel New Moon, Dakota Fanning once a little girl in the movies "I am Sam", "Charlotte's Web", and "War of the Worlds" is already a completely grown lady at 15 is set to play a character on this hit movie adaptation of Stephanie Meyer novel.

Dakota Fanning will be playing a role named Jane, a Volturi Vampire Guard who has the ability of creating illusions of pain. Even after playing the role of Cassie in the movie Push, Dakota had already proved that she can stand with the grown ups in the industry and still stay as charming as she is years ago. Here is a first look on Dakota Fanning on her costume while shooting a scene in the upcoming movie Twilight Saga: New Moon.

source: theMovieBlog

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ATwilightKiss said...

Michael Sheen described his fellow vampire as "angelic yet weird. an evil red riding hood."

Joriben Zaballa said...

nice description there. Evil red riding hood.

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