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Batman's Feline Fiend in Batman Begins 3

Everybody is getting very excited for the 2nd installment of the Batman Begins Saga. Especially because of those set of Photos from Wizard con which is eventually been pulled out from various sites (but I still have them here, just look look for it).

But Dark Knight as far as the Dark Knights half way trip to the theaters, there are already rumors about the 3rd installment. According to Cinemablend the production is planning to revive another famous Batman foe.

"Even more exciting than the idea that we may get the Joker in more than one movie is the identity of another villain who may be in Batman 3. According to our source, “it could also include a certain female feline as well.” Bear in mind that the script for Batman 3 hasn’t been written yet, so it’s all just talk at this stage. But if this really is something Nolan is kicking around for a future Batman project, then don’t be surprised to see a few hints at the future arrival of Catwoman in The Dark Knight."

To others, adding the Feline hottie in the movie is just a waste of time since Two Face will be the next big Villain in the Franchise. And if Joker will return Catwoman's appearance is unnecessary.

But if I you ask me, I think its a brilliant idea. Just make sure to give her a good premise without overshadowing Two Face and Joker. And if Robin and Batgirl will be introduced in this installment, its just fair to have three Villains. 3 on 3.

And lastly cast a drop dead sexy gal and people will zip there mouth.

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Anonymous said...

There will be no robin, from nolan himself. Also Christian bale is contracted for 3 movies at least.

Anonymous said...


watch The Dark Knight online here:




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