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New Iron Man Photo and Iron Man Fan Film

Check out this cool new photo from the upcoming movie IRON MAN showing Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark while testing his armor's gauntlet. Look at those details in the armor and how slick and intricate the designs are.

Also here is a fan made Invincible Iron Man teaser made by David Guivant. According to the reports from our friends in Screenrant the fan film features not only Iron Man himself but some characters related to him such as Nick Fury, Carol Danvers(Ms. Marvel) and Mandarin. According to Guivant, believe it or not, all the CGI sequences included in this fanfilm are not 3D but actually 2D compositions.

David also mentioned that the film is ultimately inspired by Sandy Corolla's fanfilms Batman:Dead End and World's Finest which are really a big hit during their releases.

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Anonymous said...


How about actually MENTIONING and LINKING to the site (ScreenRant.com) where you copied the fan film from?


Joriben Zaballa said...

I didn't get this from screenrant. I got it from a random messageboards. The poster didn't mention where he got it. In that case I will edit it. Thanks for the heads up.

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