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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

Marvel Conjures First Teaser Trailer for Doctor Strange

At last, the wait is over. This is the moment we are all been waiting for. The very first time Stan Lee's magical creation will be interpreted on a film and will be along side all the MCU veterans such as Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) etc. Ladies and gentlemen, The Sanctum is finally open. Watch the teaser after the jump.

SM Cinema Snack Time Unleashes Batman v Superman Collectibles

Hey comicbook geeks, we got some new collectibles inspired by the upcoming comicbook event is coming our way. Courtesy of SM Cinemas comes Comicave Exclusive collectible figures for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

A Certain Web Head Crashes the Party in Final Trailer for CA: Civil War

Just in case you missed it, a couple of hours ago Marvel releases the final trailer for Captain America: Civil War. More footage are released but something exciting is in store for us. Just watch it after the jump.

Pilipinas 2096 and Beyond: 3 Stars and a Sun

After the massive success of Rak of Aegis, I've been wondering if PETA just got lucky in mounting this monumental musical that spans several reruns.  Of course they can do it over and over again but time will come, Rak of Aegis' glitter will soon fade.  They need a new musical as big as Rak of Aegis.  And when we say big, they need a big name for their material.  And here comes 3 STARS and a SUN.

BVS Dawn of Justice Final Trailer Packs More Batman

Warner Bros. finally unveiled their last trailer for Batman V Superman. And believe me, this one is the perfect closing note to the film's years of marketing campaign. The trailer features new footage and more teasers with the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) himself. Watch it now and prepare to get wet on your pants.

My Initial Thoughts on DC's Legends of Tomorrow

I always start my reviews by saying how am I more drawn into Marvel than DC but now I'm very sure that I'm neither drawn to any in particular.  I'm a comic lover so I love enjoying both worlds. Specially now that DC is slowly catching up with Marvel's Cinematic Universe.  I strongly believe that DC can do something much better with their property's including a possible union of TV and Film franchise.  Why did I think so?  Well Legends of Tomorrow just convinced me that it is possible.

First Look: Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Strange

And just as we thought everybody is on holiday now, Marvel in partnership with Entertainment weekly just dropped a bomb before 2016. So here it is. A set of first look photos of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch as the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange.

Newest SM Cinema Opens in Angono

As an artist, inspiration is an important element in the creation process. Whether it is a person, an object or an idea, it is the driving force that plants the seed that will bloom into another beautiful masterpiece. One common source of inspiration to artists are the media and what better media that can express and simulate an artists' senses are the movies or films.

X-Men Apocalypse First Trailer Arrives

Fox finally released the very first official trailer for X-Men Apocalypse. And it looks better than I expect. Watch it after the jump.

Trinity Unites in Latest BvS Dawn of Justice Trailer

Just in case you missed it, Warner Bros. releases a new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. New footage are revealed with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and a shocking addition of another villain. Watch it for yourself.

Captain America: Civil War First Trailer Now Up. Black Panther First Look

Marvel and Disney releases the first trailer for the next chapter on Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brace yourselves, here's the trailer of Captain America: Civil War.

Bahay Trese Opens Door to Public

Ever since my childhood, I was never a big fan of Horror Houses. I don't believe supernaturals exist but still the idea of it scares me a lot. That is why when I'm invited to enter Bahay Trese, I hesitated at first. But when I heard that it has a different concept, it captures my curosity. In the end, they managed to convince me to enter the cursed ancestral house.

Warcraft Movie Trailer is Finally Here

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures releases the very first trailer for the film adaptation of the epic real time strategy game Warcraft. Watch them come alive after the jump.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Teaser Trailer now Out

I could be one of those few who actually like Alice in Wonderland when it came out in the theaters five years ago. Because of the mix to bad feedbacks, I really thought Disney scrapped the idea of making it a franchise. Good thing now I don't need to worry about it because the follow up is finally here. Watch the teaser trailer after the jump.

New McDonald's TVC features AlDub and Kalye's Angels.

The new TVC for Mc Donald's is now released but this time we got some few extra surprises. Here are some of the highlights of the TVC.

Maine Mendoza Dazzles in Meg Magazine

This post doesn't really need an elaborate intro. So yes we will just go straight to the photos that features the dubsmash queen, Maine Mendoza on Meg Magazine's November issue. Just thank me later.