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Urduja, First 2008 Animated Movie Teaser Trailer

On my long MMFF 2007 marathon, I came across this trailer. At first I thought this animation is a foreign production dubbed in tagalog language. But I'm surprised that this movie is produced by a local film production.

Brought to us by APT Entertainment, Seventoon and Imaginary Friends production. The film is basically a retelling of Princess Urduja's life. According to legend, Urduja is a legendary warrior-princess who is recognized as a heroine in Pangasinan that lived from 1350 to 1400. The animated film is created by internationally acclaimed animators and artists. The movie features the voices of Eddie Garcia as Lakanpati, Johnny Delgado as Wang, Allan K as Tarsir, Michael V as Kutkot, Cesar Montano as Lim Hang, and Regine Velasquez as the warrior Princess, Urduja.

There are still no exact date for the theatrical release but expect this film to be one breakthrough to Philippine animation and film industry.

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Anonymous said...

There are two sides to this:

1. It is good that we now have two fully locally produced animated flicks to promote the animation industry in the country.

2. However good this is for the industry, filipino creativity is lost and this looks like a lousy rip-off of Disneys very original and trademark concepts. Very disappointing.

Laibeus Lord said...

^ @#2

Can we be optimistic? Why do we keep on looking down at the works of the Filipino people? Are we that bad, huh?

Do you know that other countries look at us with such high respects when it comes to movies and tv shows?

Development goes through stages. We can't just go from being "bad" to being "Hollywood" or "Disney".

And oh, there is a difference between "facing the reality" and being "optimistic". We all faced the reality already, we all know that reality already, so what's the next step? Be optimistic and be ACTIVE. Support the industry, be it animation or live-action. Show them that we want them to improve.

If we want to criticize them, be fair, objective, and unbias.

Heck, many of the "Disney" creativity and original and trademark concepts came from us the Filipinos, the same with Japanese Anime. The list goes on...

Let's be optimistic here and be an active Pinoy.

No offense.

Anonymous said...

I'm really disappointed with Urduja...it shows that filipinos do not have originality...

Anonymous said...

I think Urduja was realy a great movie.. Look it this way; Chinese has "Mulan", Arabians has "Jasmine& Aladin", Native Americans has "Pocahontas"... And next in the line.... Philippines, having "Urduja".

And besides, this animated movie was too good for now a days children.Instead of watching other anime that use to have a bad influence for them, "URDUJA" (the movie) can provide good moral and value for the children who would watch this movie and besides it was supported by DepEd..

For me this movie was really Great!!!!

Go pinoy! Go!

-Janoah Paringit
Calapan, Or. Mindoro ;)

Anonymous said...

Urduja really looks like mulan, and considering that disney did away with 2D animation a not-so-few years ago, urduja's not exactly state-of-the-art. urduja looks like mulan, for one, and mulan was done... how many years ago?
but never mind that. the animation's better than the old stuff disney made, not exactly as good as what animation studios in japan make, but good enough considering this is only the second full-length philippine made animation feature. i really hope urduja sells. we should be making more movies like this. there is a huge market in the philippines for animation, but it needs the proper marketing. so cheers for little miss urduja on eat bulaga. hey the kids sing like crap but it's decent promotion.
notably, doesn't urduja mess up history? the name of urduja's father, according to accounts of a traveller from morocco, was tawalisi, same as the place where urduja ruled, tawalisi. in addition, isn't lim hang similar to Li ma-hong, the chinese corsair? did he and urduja actually meet? fine, maybe i got the person wrong. whatever.

Anonymous said...

A good animated film maybe but... Bad casting. Regine Velasquez as Urduja? Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Is Urduja not the first full-length Pinoy animation film? I thought it is.

O well...

I don't think the film lacks originality. It is basically about a Filipino culture. Having similarities with that of Mulan's and Pocahontas' does not mean it is the same.

I just hope this film will be fully supported by all of us Filipinos not by just watching it but also by simply being proud of it.


Anonymous said...

A good animated film maybe but... Bad casting. Regine Velasquez as Urduja? Not even close.

In reference to the above comment, I'm not sure who would be the better choice. Does it have to do with Regine's appearance? As far as I know, Regine wouldn't be the one doing the action on the screen. Is it her voice then? Then who else could sing the songs as emotionally powerful as Regine does?

Anonymous said...

i watched the movie and i was honestly impressed with regine being the voice of urduja. i couldn't think of anyone to dub the voice but regine.
this just shows how great talent she is. given that she's not an action star nor a dancer, she was able to give life to urduja's character.

one more thing, superb scoring & theme!
sa mga nagsasabi ng negative comments: it's human nature. marahil magagaling silang mag-drawing at talented to come up with this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

i didn't actually want to watch the movie but we were required by our teacher to see the film. at first i thought it sucks but it was maybe because of the idea that pinoy-made animations are of no match to foreign ones and would just bring embarassment to our country. but it wasn't bad, though it looks like an imitation of walt disney animations and other sorts. it was actually entertaining and for me it was better than lilo & stitch. i salute the animators. i know it wasn't easy to create such kind of art. i'm glad i've seen it. good start for them. i hope we help filipino animators. let us support them.

Anonymous said...

The Reasons why there are some major similarities of the Creation and Animation of URDUJA to Disney's POCAHONTAS and MULAN I and MULAN II its simply because they are the SAME FILIPINO Anime creators/artists who co-created and co-animated and co-collaborated with Disney Team but they were NOT acknowledged for their works in Disney's POCAHONTAS nor MULAN I and II and other Disney Animated Films that were co-created, co-animated and co-collaborated with these Talented FILIPINO Artists... They were the same FILIPINOS who now officially created and animated this FIRST OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL FILIPINO ANIMATED FILM "URDUJA" which stars the ASIA ULTIMATE POP QUEEN SONGBIRD - REGINE VELASQUEZ as the Princess Urduja... and its officially dedicated to all the talented World Class FILIPINO Talents who happens to be the Unsung or Un-mentioned hard working Talents behind some of DISNEY's Major Blockbuster Animated Films!!!!

Now Lets all STOP hating or comparing or making some hatred or discriminating Comments and Lets STOP being NEGATIVE, START being THANKFUL as well as APPRECIATIVE! And before YOU say something make sure YOU know who created those Animated Films. (Cuz NOT all of em were Americans, some were JAPANESE and KOREAN creators/animators, and some were FILIPINOS working for DISNEY!!!)

Now WE know...

Yepp. So lets be PROUD and SUPPORT this when it comes out on DVD Release!!!

And lets hope that DISNEY would adapt this FIRST ORIGINAL FILIPINO INTERNATIONAL ANIMATED FILM "URDUJA" and release it worldwide under DISNEY Film.


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