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Sacha Baron Cohen is Bruno

Yep it is really rare for me to post a very gay content on my blog. But I will give Sacha Baron Cohen exemption because I envy him for having Isla Fisher as the mother of his kids. Hands down to this guy.

Now after playing Borat last 2006, Sacha is back as a gay Austrian supermodel. The film appears to revolve Bruno taking his show to America while interacting with several characters he meets. According to the trailer, Bruno is inspired by Madonna and Angelina Jolie to adopt a child from Africa; a baby boy to whom he gives the "traditional African name" of O.J.

I watched the trailer and just like what I expect. The movie is insanely funny.

MPAA had give the movie an R rating for pervasive strong and crude sexual content, graphic nudity and language. The movie is set to premiere in July 10 under Universal Pictures and in the direction of Dan Mazer.

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