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Archie Andrews Finally Commited

I remember back then that I usually save from my baon just to buy Archie comics on a nearby bookstore back in elementary. Though I didn't really understand the comicbook, I find it entertaining and funny. But among the comic's highlight stories is Archie's on and off relationship with both Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper.

After 67 years, Riverdale's playboy finally picks that vixen Veronica to be his wife. Agree? Fans has a mix reaction with this current concept Archie comics is trying to pull. Many says, Archie exhibits a materialistic aura in choosing Veronica because she is the rich one and the avergae girl Betty that appears to be the ideal girl is left dumped on the side. But expert says that making Archie choose Veronica illustrates him for being realistic.

The event will be read on its upcoming 600th Issue which will be availabe in stores on July 19, 2009. Despite the different opinions over Archie's choice we are still happy that after almost seven decades Archie had finally decided to tie the knot. Congratulations Archie and Veronica.

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Photoblogger said...

tsk tsk...

I've always wished it would be Betty. she's always does everything for Archie..

this kind of ending is a sad one for best friend type of friends.. Sucks to us..

guess good people never win after all.

joanah t.c. said...

Iknew Veronica would be his choice from the very start, It was no surprise.
Poor Betty...

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