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Robert Pattinson Topless on Italy

After giving the boys some Maria Ozawa goodness on the May 2009 issue of FHM Taiwan, I also have something for the girls out there especially the Twilight and Robert Pattinson fans. Twilight Saga: New Moon is on its final shooting days in Italy. But even before the movie premieres in November 20 this year, Robert had already given the fans some juicy previews.

Set photos had already surfaced all over the cyberspace with RobPatz baring his manly physique. To the surprise of some Twilight fans, like my officemate here, they don't expect Robert to have such good chisseled body. Again as expected Twilight fans are screaming because of this photos.

So for the sake of those who haven't seen the photos, here are the photos of RobPatz on his topless glory. Ok girls, don't drool over the monitor.

for more set photos just go to this link.

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ATwilightKiss said...

When Rob arrived in Vancouver for New Moon in late Feb 2009, he had a slim physique. He started working out with a personal trainer and voila... months later...

Hard work pays off... ;-)

P.S. Jori, it's Lorna Lopez. This is my Twilight blog. :-)

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