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My Magical Adventures in Enchanted Kingdom

The summer is over but most of my summer escapades will always be remembered because of the fun and excitement it gave me. Like our adventures in Enchanted Kingdom. Last May 10, 2009, selected bloggers are invited to experience Enchanted Kingdom again for free. Thanks to the Enchanted Kingdom management. Off course the kid in me is so excited.

But off course sometimes rewards have a little costs. As we reach our destination, it is revealed that we are again doing a rce game in the Park. A race game that will test our teamwork, intelligence and tactical skills. And that day the EK Magicalympics for bloggers is born. We are grouped into several teams. Lead by a leader, the EK staff gave us different starting points with different clues. Then we need to solve all the clues and do the challenges that mostly requires riding the park's attractions.

The challenges are so tough. From bumping cars on Dodgem, to Throwing Tomatoes at the Anchors away, Singing the song "GOLD" in the Videoke and spotting landmarks from the Wheel of Fate. It is indeed a very enjoying at the same time very tiring experience for veryone of us. Although some of us are not so comfortable with strenous activities like me, we still tried our best to finish them all. And being last on the race is not bad. It is better compared to quitting right?

After the challenges the awarding ceremonies took place and everyone took a break and meal to recharge ourselves. After that, we took our free time by relaxing in the Wheel of Fate and Screaming at the Anchors Away.

Then after relaxing we almost missed the musical presentation in the Eldar's tent. Enchanted brought to us a musical titled Enchante: The Under the Sea Adventure Musical starring Rita Iringan, Aaron Cadawas, Cynthia Mamon, Bea Mamon and a lot more. Directed by Victor De Guzman and with the music arrangement of Tats Faustino. I came late to this show so I didn't really understand the story but I will be writing a separate review after I watch it again later this afternoon in m return to EK.

After the magical and musical presentatio, we all went outside to wait for the evening's highlights which is the firworks display. And then we all chill out having smoothies at Ice Monster.

It is a day ride but because of the adenaline rush, it seems that it is only hours ago. Definitely a day is not enough to enjoy Enchanted and it is justifiable that you came back to experience more.

And I will...

Gotta go for another EK adventure. gtg. Ciao.

special thanks to the following for the photos: Azrael, John, Aileen and Rochelle.

More photos below.

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