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Who will I Cast for a Pinoy Adaptation of The Avengers

I know how pinoys like doing local adaptaions of foreign movies or TV series so since The Avengers  is currently making waves on the box office and recently reported that it just hit P281M sales in the Philippines, there is a possibility that it can be bought by a Filipino mogul, preferable somebody who can afford Marvel's price tag to adapt the movie or series. And of course they will hire top names in local entertainment industry to play the roles. And they just got the perfect ensemble.

Nick Fury - Bembol Roco - Veteran Action Star, has a commanding persona and well he is bald and he looks good with an eye patch.

Tony Stark/Iron Man - Vic Sotto - Uh... genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist... nuff said

Steve Rogers/Capatain America - Robin Padilla - Famous for being the super soldier of 80's action movies but wind up being caught on a illegal possession case. After being frozen inside the jail for 21 years. He came back better than ever.

Thor - Bong Revilla Jr. - Thinks he is a God. Nuff said.

Clint Barrton/Haweye - Lito Lapid - just somebody who don't speak too much and just do all the shooting.

Bruce Banner/Hulk - Manny Pacquiao - Gentle out of the ring but a rampaging monster inside. Don't make him angry, you won't like him when he is angry.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - Angel Locsin - She has an ass like Scarlett Johansson and she can actually kick butts, I would cast other hot Pinoy female stars but if I will think like a pino producer, I need somebody that people really know.  I need my movie/TV earn money.

art by Michico Oranga

How about you? Who would you cast for the pinoy Avengers? XD

The Avengers is still showing on theaters, from Marvel Studios distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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ohmski said...

hahaha salbahe! lolz

Betchay said...

Haha laugh trip! Robin, Bembol and Bong fit perfectly in the roles.. so does Manny. I just like to have a younger actor play Hawkeye (like Dennis Trillo?!)so to be a better match with Angel Locsin. Lito lapid looks like a father to her, you know.

Joriben Zaballa said...


It is actually the artist's choices and idea. This poster fanart came first than this article. I just laughed when I realized how his fanart actually makes sense. XD

Jon said...

Julio Valiente's included! That's why I cosplayed him…he's one of the most memorable Pinoy heroes!

Karise said...

"Who needs The Avengers? Blogger Jori of Jori's Entertainment Journal has gone all Nick Fury on his own, cobbling together his own dream team of Pinoy bidas. "

"Click the button to see the original Avengers vis-a-vis Jori's very own version of trouble. Who you gonna call?"
source: http://www.interaksyon.com/article/30879/pinoy-avengers---whos-on-your-dream-team

I think it's really unfair what you did. The artist (Michico Oranga) did this from scratch and yet you took credit for yourself? Wow.

Paul Jaysent Fos said...

Why not ?? nyahaha

Joriben Zaballa said...


Read carefully. I did credit Michico. Yes the artwork is his. But the words I use here comes from my coconut shell. I don't know how he thinks and why did he choose those actors. So I use my creativity to make sense out of it.

cutie129 said...

parang fit naman sa knila ang role

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