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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

5 X-Men First Class Photos and Vaughn's Reaction to Leaked Image

It seems that 20th Century FOX is riding now on the momentum and continuously releasing X-Men First Class photos and I may say this bunch kinda looks good. Photos released includes most of the actors introduced before on the leaked character image like January Jones (Emma Frost), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and others. Now on new photos released, 2 new cast members are introduced: Caleb Landry Jones playing Sean Cassidy aka Banshee and Kevin Bacon playing Hellfire Club Leader Sebastian Shaw.

Charles and Erik's favorite pass time -- Chess.

Kevin Bacon playing Sebastian Shaw, leader of the Hellfire Club chatting with
January Jones playing Emma Frost.

First Class of Mutants L-R: Sean Cassidy/Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones), Erik Lensherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Dr. Moira McTaggert (Rose Byrne), Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult),  Charles Xavier/Proffesor X (James McAvoy) and Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till)

Charles Xavier's signature pose.

First look on Magneto with his Helmet.
Quite nice bunch of photos and that photo of Fassbender wearing the Magneto helmet is definitely a fan service because of its faithfulness to the original design.  It appears that Vaughn really knows what he is doing and despite the mistmatched roster of mutants, I will definitely check this out when it comes in Theaters.

Meanwhile SlashFilm just got a chance to interview Matthew Vaughn and asked him his reaction about the webwide criticism on the leaked cast image of X-Men First Class.  Here is his reply:

I freaked out on them yesterday. I don’t know where the hell that came from. I don’t think it’s a Fox image. It’s not a pre-approved image. When I found out, I said, what the f*** is this shit, and Fox is running around trying to figure out what happened as well. I agree. It’s like a bad photoshop, which maybe it was by someone. It didn’t reflect the movie. I was shocked when I saw it. I was like ‘Jesus Christ.

I’m a fan of X-Men. We’re not bastardizing X-Men, I’m trying to get them back to being whole again.

The costumes are blue and yellow as well, because f*** it, lets take it back it the original. Also, by the way, those costumes are hardly in the movie. The main costumes are like these cool 60’s James Bond.

Imagine the Cuban Missile crisis and discovering that mutants exist, both at the same time.” … “The actors are so great. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are very very hard to replace. When I’m watching Fassbender and McAvoy you just think, it sort of reminds me of Daniel Craig doing Bond, you kind of forget there were other people playing him. And that’s what I feel about these two.

It’s definitely more serious and more realistic, and I think that’s something that had to happen. That’s my feeling about the world we live in right now. I think the glossy colorful superhero film sorta had its day. I think Batman Begins started it, Dark Knight, dare I say Kick-Ass was fun and it had some real pop to it, but at the same time we grounded it in reality as much as possible. I think that’s what the audience wants. And that why that image is more Fantastic Four than it is X-Men. And I say that with all due respect to the Fantastic Four team. That was then and this is now. It’s a different time. I mean, look at me — I’m not exactly mister light.

I somehow agree with Vaughn.  The photos are like good food served in a bad or ugly way.  No matter how delicious the food, people will see it as a bad food.  But not until they taste it, so until we saw the final product we should wait and see how this movie will work out in the big screen.  We are counting on you Matthew Vaughn.

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