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Spider-man 3D Set Photo: Spidey Costume with Mask and Web Shooter

Remember a week ago when Marvel released the first photo of Andrew Garfield on his Spidey costume? Well now, courtesy of MTV, we got the first look of Spider-man on full costume with mask and this one just revealed a clearer view of how will the new costume look like.

As you can see the design of the costume is completely different from the iconic design of the comic book hero. It is more stylish and sleek. As many people notice, the colors are bright on this shot that it makes it look like a plastic toy. But we must take note that the movie is being shot on 3D and this post production process darkens the shot. Possible that this is the costume used on 3D shots and Garfield could be wearing other set of costume on other scenes like the one he wears on my previous post.

Also noticeable on the shot is the web shooters and the unlikely color of the eye (could also be altered post production).

Hope to see more much clearer shots and hopefully with spidey facing front so we can see the full costume but personally speaking I'm looking forward for this.

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