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Pilipinas 2096 and Beyond: 3 Stars and a Sun

After the massive success of Rak of Aegis, I've been wondering if PETA just got lucky in mounting this monumental musical that spans several reruns.  Of course they can do it over and over again but time will come, Rak of Aegis' glitter will soon fade.  They need a new musical as big as Rak of Aegis.  And when we say big, they need a big name for their material.  And here comes 3 STARS and a SUN.

Based on the Original Pilipino Music from the legendary Master Rapper and Song Writer Francis Magalona comes a cautionary tale set decades in the future where Philippines is reduced into an isolated colony called StormDome.  With the promise of safety and new beginnings, survivors of 2026 Nuclear War embraces the new life ahead of them.

Of course the main selling point of 3 Stars and the Sun is it catalogs  one of the most celebrated OPM artist in the country.  Francis M has been the voice of this generation ever since he started creating all of his composition.  Themes about Love, Nature, Youth and Patriotism still resonates even after his untimely passing 7 years ago.  Now, his masterpiece takes new shape in the form of PETA's latest musical offering that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Written by Mixcaela Villalon and Rody Vera, and Directed by Nor Domingo comes a musical that will wake everyone's patriotic hearts.  The music is re-imagined by the award winning Musical Director Mike Salomon of the ground breaking Rak of Aegis.  The ensemble of cast includes Paolo Valenciano, Gio Gahol, Nicco Manalo, Gold Villar, Che Ramos-Cosio, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Bodjie Pascua, Raffy Tejada, Giannina Ocampo and Justine Pena to name a few.

Unlike Rak of Aegis, 3 Stars and a Sun is written explicitly with political colors.  Rak of Aegis may also have some but it is carefully camouflaged by everyday sub plots that makes the whole story bearable to people who don't really enjoy themes that explore power and governance.  But yes I get it, 3 Stars and a Sun's main point is to show what is the problem in the society.  I don't see anything wrong about that, but it can definitely affect the show's viability because let's face it, majority of theater goers wants to be entertained first rather than give them a preachy plot. Either way one thing is for sure, 3 Stars and a Sun clearly expressed their message that if we don't do anything to change the system, History will keep on repeating itself in the coming years.  It is an eye opener and definitely something not everybody will be comfortable to.  Good thing the writer's injected some fun moments keeping the atmosphere as balanced as possible.  Not to mention you will be treated with top of the line performances from industry greats that joins the cast.

So what are you waiting for? Catch 3 Stars and a Sun until March 6, 2016 at the PETA theater, Quezon City. For show dates visit PETA's official website or book your tickets through Ticketworld.

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