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Star Cinema's My Amnesia Girl Premieres Today in all Cinemas

Among my fav movies to watch are romantic comedies. Despite the falling quality of local movies nowadays, we are still lucky to have some who are good enough to make us laugh and feel good about ourselves. They are not as artistic as other films but eventually they are the movies who brightens our everyday lives. Now, as an addition to Star Cinema's growing collection of romantic comedy films comes another movie from the acclaimed director Cathy Garcia-Molina (You Changed my Life, My Only U) and screenplay of Carmi Raymundo, Jade Castro and Miguel Sevilla, Star Cinema presents My Amnesia Girl.

My Amnesia Girl is a movie with unlikely tandem of Toni Gonzaga (My Big Love, My Only U) and John Lloyd Cruz (In My Life, Miss You Like Crazy) who plays Irene and Apollo respectively. 2 years ago, Irene and Apollo broke up but as Apollo realizes his true feelings to Irene, he tried to patch up things with her. But everything becomes more complicated when Irene suddenly can't remember Apollo. It just so happened that Irene got into a tragic accident and suffered a severe memory loss. Without all the memories of their past, will there still hope for the two? Will Irene's condition stop Apollo from loving her?

I think this is Toni and John Lloyd's first movie project playing a couple. Though I think the chemistry still needs a lot of working out, I'm confident that both actors will definitely give a very good performance on screen individually. Based on the trailer alone, the scenes are still not that strong enough compared to other movies that both actors did in the past. Of course it is already a fact that Toni is considered as one of the most favorite Romantic Comedy actress while John Lloyd already proven that he excels on both comedy and drama. With this fact, it could be a driving force for this movie to work. So I still need to see the movie to experience what Toni and John Lloyd can do together on screen. I can't also argue about Director Cathy Garcia-Molina's background. With a good track record of films, I'm expecting that this one will still make me laugh and fall in love at the same time.

Also joining the cast of the movie are Ketchup Eusebio, Carlos Agassi, JM de Guzman, Joross Gamboa, Nico Antonio, Cai Cortez, Beatriz Saw, Dianne Medina and a lot more. Opening nationwide today, November 24 from Star Cinema.

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