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Superman Casting Rumor: Ozymandias as Superman

There has been a big buzz now that Zack Snyder wants a Watchman to take over the mantle of Superman for the new Man of Steel franchise. According to The Fanboy SEO, Snyder wants Matthew Goodie the actor behind Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias to play Kal-el/Clark Kent/Superman.

It has been a common practice in Hollywood to cast actors that Directors previously worked with specially if they love their performance. Despite the fact that Goodie could not have the physical attributes of being the Man of Steel, people still trust Zach Snyder on his choice.

Left: Matthew Goodie as Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias
Right: Billy Crudup as Jon Osterman before he became Dr. Manhattan

If I will be asked, I think Billy Crudup, has more likeness to Clark Kent. And he do really have good acting chops. The only problem is he is too old. I just hope they will get the right choice for the role.

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