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Be Aware, Move and Act: World AIDS Day 2010

Today is December 1 and before I don't really know that this is a very special day to everyone else. Years past and I spent this particular day either inside an office workspace or at home (weekend) watching DVDs, reading graphic novels, playing video games or simply slacking on my bed all day catching a long sleep. But not until I first participated on Project Headshot Clinic.

To those who are not familiar with it, Project Headshot Clinic (HSC) is a brand new concept that merges Profile photos online and Advertising as we see campaigns, advertisements, and advocacies may easily be conveyed through our unique digitized headshots, online profile photos can be potential online billboards. Its major components are: registration, mass shooting, and mass uploading on social network web sites (as profile photo), which make HSC an effective and creative marketing tool. HSC creates curiosity and impact to those who are not yet aware or part of it. In a nutshell HSC is all about viral Marketing. The project is spearheaded by Niccolo Cosme, one of the country's best fashion and concept photographer. Together with his team they partnered with various organization who needs a brand new way on telling people what they want.

Its been a year since my first participation on Headshot Clinic and I first experience it with One Youth. Then from that campaign it led me to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) MOVE Campaign. It was a very brief moment that I don't even care about what really is the meaning of the project. And I hate to admit it, it takes me a year to finally realize the essence of this advocacy.

For almost 3 years, HSC became the bridge of people which are used as an outlet of information to further strengthen the awareness on HIV and AIDS among people. People may say that they already know all they need to know about this condition (not a disease) but still everyday the number of HIV victims grow. Before, we become AWARE and some people practically became scared of it then people like Niccolo and others start to MOVE forward with their effort to awaken the dying advocacy against HIV and AIDS and finally its time to ACT to make all this visions come into fruition.

So today let as all give a fraction of our time. Celebrate December 1 as a day of liberation. Liberation from Prejudice, Ignorance and Fear. Happy World AIDS Day, everyone.

photo by Niccolo Cosme and Project Headshot Clinic

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