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Thor Movie Costume Concept Art

I just got back from the hospital this weekend because of Asthma and Pneumonia.  Before  I was confined, I posted an article about the concept artwork of Captain America's movie costume here.  And now that I'm back at home, I just found out that Marvel Studio's Thor movie costume concept arts already leaked throughout the net.

And boy they are epic.  I think this costume design is already final.  because it shows that this is the same design from the actual photo of Chris Hemsworth that surfaced a month ago.  But my only concern is where is the wing Helmet?  It seems that they are having a fusion of the current and Ultimates design there.  I have a theory.  Maybe he will not wear the helmet on the first part of the film.  It is possible that there are two sets of costume because this design looks very simple and plain.  People may think that these artworks don't excite them at all.  Maybe because of the pose.

But still I love it.

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