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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

Captain America Movie First Costume Concept Art

Remember the last time I post two images of Chris Evans wearing the Captain America suit and it turns out that these are just fan arts done by artist all over the web?  It really frustrates me tha there are still a lot of people who don't believe that Chris can become Cap.  But wait no further because just yesterday, an official concept art from the production of The First Avenger: Captain America just hit the net.  And believe me they really look good.

I really like how the design turns out.  A mix of vintage yet modern take of the World War Captain America.  And even if it is just an artwork, with this concepts, it shows that Chris Evans could be really perfect for the role.  Though these are official concept art for the film, there are still no confirmation if these are the final design of the costume.

Oh I can't really wait.

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