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Share your Movie DiscOVIries Promo Week 7 - Christmas is in the Air

Christmas is already in the air.  You can already feel the cold breeze in the morning, traffic slowly builds up because of Christmas rush and people busy shopping for gifts and Christmas items.  But apart from this obvious signs of Christmas Holidays, this season is still known as the occasion that binds everybody where we share Love to one another to give tribute to Christ's birth.

Now to win the P2000 Ayala EGC this week,send any photos taken by you that commemorates or show Christmas spirit.  It could be a photo of a family during a noche buena, kids playing with their toy gifts or a barkada attending the Simbang Gabi.

Usual drill, if you have what I want just follow the mechanics below.

  1. Open an OVI Account
  2. Activate your OVI Mail address
  3. You need to be a resident of the Philippines
  4. Upload your photos to my OVI promo folder (REMINDER: New Folder are assigned every week.  So be sure to check everytime you join).  Photos to be uploaded must be relevant to the theme and as much as possible minimal photo manipulation.
  5. For every photo entry, write a short description about your DiscOVIry
  6. For every photo entry, they must have the following details:
    1. Name
    2. Ovi Mail Address 
    3. Alternate E-mail Address
    4. Short Description about the photo
  7. You can submit unlimited numbers of entries.
  8. I have the right to revoke a submission if I find the entry very disturbing, offensive in any ways.

Don't forget to write a description.  It could help me decide if you are the rightful person to get the prize this week.  This is the last week for the promo.  After getting the 7th week winner, I will be picking one from all the winners who will win a Nokia mobile phone.  Sounds cool?  So to get the chance to win that phone, join this final week promo andyoucould be the last finalist forthe mobile phone promo.  Good luck to everyone.

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fjordz said...

I joined coz I have my Ovi account plus a picture with a movie promotional poster. I don't think this one will make you laugh pero malay mo, manalo ako hehehe..

The photo I uploaded is with the movie Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat movie last December 2008 featured on my previous blog >> http://fjordz-hiraya.blogspot.com/2008/12/shake-rattle-and-roll-10-movie.html. We made our own version of Tanging Ina casts. Hmm.. ako siguro dun si Carlo Aquino lol!

Name: Fjordan Allego
Ovi Email Address: fjordz@ovi.com
Short Description: From the movie Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat, me and my friends took a pic with the cast to imitate them as if we're part of the movie.

[Hindi ko alam kung san ilalagay tong details na to kaya dito ko na lang nilagay sa comment mo. Hehehe]

Anonymous said...

Hi Jori,

This theme is cute! Nakakatuwa! :)

- Geia

Fitz said...

Just uploaded my entry. Sana manalo. Hehe. :D

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Just uploaded ng emtries. Hahaha!

itot54joni said...

sumali din ako, sana manalo. :-)

paolo said...

Pwede ba i-vote yung example? LOL

Weng Zaballa said...

sumali ako! sana manalo!

Maan said...

Just submitted my entry. My son will be very happy if we win! =)

Joriben Zaballa said...


Please follow mechanics and instructions specially those na hindi ko kilala. Kahit name na lang. Yung iba pangalan na lang tinatamad pang ilagay.

At yung walang description, totally di ko na pinapansin unless talagang kapansin pansin ang entry.

I also judge the entries through the description. If you convince me na kayo dapat manalo, then kayo pipiliin ko. Ngayon kung walang description, hindi rin convincing.


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