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DiscOVIries Week 6 - In to the Cinema Promo Winner

I know last week's theme is a bit hard.  Taking a photo inside a cinema or theater is in fact progibited by some management.  That is why I salute all of the smart and daring entries that I got.  Here are the few brave entries who are not  afraid  to have their cameras confiscated by the cinema martial, hahahaha.

Thank you very much for joining my promo. But among the entries, one stands out among the rest and that is:

For me its important to me if a cinema is comfortable and clean.  And with Monch's entry, it really show how this cinema has all the criteria for having a good quality facilities that makes him feel that he is just at home on his own couc.

Congratulations Monch for winning this week's promo.  Wait for your notification email for we will send you instructions on how you can claim your prize.  To everyone, the last week promo is already up.  Please go to this link to join and be the last finalist for the Nokia phone promo.

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