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The Company Welcomes a New Album with a Group Hug

It was almost 24 years since The Company is formed by Atenean Glee Club Alumni. Earlier, they sang as back up singers for pop stars of the '80's before venturing into professional music industry as concert and recording artists that they are today.

Through the years The Company continues to grow not only in terms of number of performers but in popularity. They captured the hearts of so many people with their music and harmony. Now though some of their members left the group, destiny will still find a way to make the name The Company stay even with different faces and voices. So as a thanksgiving to the music that makes The Company's 24 years worthwhile, The Company is releasing a new album entitled "Group Hug".

According to Moy Ortiz one of the veteran members of The Company, they choose this album name because it literally symbolizes the group's friendship and love to one another not only as friends but also as brothers and sisters. The album is a tribute collection that contains songs of legendary musicians, singers and composer that influences the group through the years of their career.

We are very lucky to attend the album's launch at Eastwood City mall last May 22, 2009. We got to watch The Company Live performing some of the tracks in the album. The mini concert started with a front act from new emerging artists Vince Camua and Raffy Quijano of Viva records, then after that is a pure pleasure from The Company's performance.

"Group Hug" consists of 12 tracks including "Blame it in the Boogie" by the Jacksons; "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen; "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind and Fire; "Take a Chance on Me"by ABBA and a lot more. Also included in the album is The Company's "Nandito Pa Rin Tayo" to reminisce on the past years and be thankful that they are still here making music together. The album also features The FILharmoniKA that plays the music and conducted by the one and only Mr. Gerard Salonga.

Here is the complete list of the album's track:

1. Nandito Pa Rin Tayo (music video – VCD)
2. Magical Mystery Tour – The Beatles
3. Blame It On the Boogie – The Jacksons
4. You’re The One/I Just Fall In Love Again – Carpenters
5. Play That Funky Music/Superstition – Wild Cherry
6. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
7. Should We Carry On – Airplay
8. More Today Than Yesterday – Spiral Starecase
9. Take A Chance On Me – Abba
10. Boogie Wonderfuland –Earth, Wind and Fire
11. Walk In Love – The Mnhattan Transfer
12. All Apologies – Nirvana
13. Nandito Pa Rin Tayo – The CompanY
14. Nandito Pa Rin Tayo - (minus one/karaoke tracks)

No Doubt The Company is still the Premiere Vocal Group of the Philippines for their musical and voice superiority combined with their passion, love and friendship. As a new beginning for them, another 24 years or much longer we wish them all the luck and blessings on their careers.

So if they are thanking everyone for them being able to stay on the industry, I should say that we are the one who need to say thank you to them for giving us the music that makes us happy, fall in love, cry and stay strong through the years.

To Moy, Annie, Ces, Sweet and Jay, a big Hug for all of you and Thank You.

For more information and details about The CompanY, please visit their official website at www.thecompanysingers.com or http://moyado.multiply.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/The-CompanY/108819715485?ref=mf

For more shows in Eastwood City go to this link for inquiries.

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