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May Consider Getting a Hosting Service

It seems that so many people are hotlinking my images on Photobucket that is why in just 1 week my Photobucket will exceed again its required bandwidth. For the meantime I opened again a new Photobucket account and I will be uploading some of my blog contents there. My old account will still be used as a backup storage but I may not use it on my blogs anymore.

That means, Old articles (including posted several weeks ago) with Photos will loose the photos mostly on a long period of time every month because of the Bandwidth exceed policy of Photobucket for free users. I enjoy blogging a lot especially about movies but as of now I consider my self as a casual blogger and still not ready to deticate all my time in blogging that also means that I'm also not ready to pay for a hosting service. But this doesn't mean that I'm not considering having a Hosting service. I may, but not for now.

So to my valuable readers, thanks for visiting my page and may God bless us all.


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