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The Karate Kid (2010) Altenate Ending: Mr Han vs. Master Li

Once again I saw The Karate Kid for the nth time since HBO is now airing it all through out the month.  Despite being criticized because of the inappropriate title, I still think this movie is fantastic in a lot of ways.  That's only a title.  What really matters is the movie itself.

Now ever since the movie is released last year, I'm wondering why they didn't give Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) a real fight.  All that we saw is that fight with the bullies which on some point of view is really more inappropriate because it clearly shows violence between an adult and minors.  

Then Mr. Han met the bullies' Kung Fu teacher Master Li (Rongguang Yu).  I really thought this is what I'm waiting for.  But in my disappointment, the movie ends with no fight scenes between Mr. Han and Master Li.

But I guess, my intuition is not bad at all because the production did shoot a fight scene between the two masters.  Watch the amazing clip below.

I don't know what is the reason why they didn't use this ending.  This could be the best scene from the movie and probably what most Jackie Chan fans wants to see.  It is also very liberating for Mr. Han's character since it looks like he is an underdog on the Kung Fu community on that town.  And lastly, I really want to see that master Li being beaten into a pulp.

This clip is included on the Blu-ray package of The Karate Kid which is available on record stores near you.  The Karate Kid is still airing on HBO Asia.  Catch it there until the end of the month.

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