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The Dark Knight Aftermath: The Next Joker

Just watched the movie and I'm totally speechless. I commend Heath Ledger for his greatest portrayal ever though it costs him more than what we expect.

Now that Heath is already dead and there is a possibility that the Joker will comeback in the sequels because he is still alive. Who among the actors of Hollywood would you choose to portray the psycho clown of Gotham?

My picks:

1. Johnny Depp - do I need to say more. A great character actor and I think the only one who is wacko enough to do crazy things without questions.

2.Jim Carrey - before anyone reacts, yes his portrayal as The Riddler is not really the Joker we want and also absolutely not the the Mask. Have you seen his portrayal in Number 23? He is really creepy there.

3. Jack Nicholson - Yeah he is old but he will forever remain as the first movie Joker that we all loved.

How about you? Who do you want to play the Joker if ever?

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Mark Rosario said...

If he were still alive, Rene Requestas, of course :D

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