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X-Men Days of Future Past Welcomes Colossus and Blink

A couple of days ago, 20th century Fox and bryan Singer once again announced 3 new cast members for Days of Future Past.  One of them is once again from the original X-Men cast and 2 new ones.

Daniel Cudmore from X2 and Last Stand is now joining the cast to play the organic Steel mutant, Colossus.  His addition to the cast is actually not a big surprise since Colossus is indeed part of the original Days of Future Past story.  Characters not expected to be back are Cyclops (James Marsden) and Jean Grey/Phoenix (Famke Janssen)since they are already dead. But we are still keeping our fingers cross since we all know, Mutants don't really stay dead in comics and probably also in movies.

Also joining the cast are actors Fan Bingbing and Booboo Stewart (Twilight Saga). Booboo's role is so far on the wraps but Bingbing's is already revealed. It is reported that she will be playing the role of Blink.

To those who don't know Blink, she is a mutant who can Teleport through dimensions and time. She is not really an iconic character on Days of Future Past Arc but rather by another more interesting X-Men story, The Age of Apocalypse. It has been a rumor that 20th Century Fox's Marvel Comics Universe will gain traction by incorporating central villain just like how Thanos is introduced in Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, Omar Sy is being rumored to be Apoclypse.

As the production progress, looks like everything is looking good for 20th Century Fox. I hope Mark Millar's help will not go in to waste. Opening next year, X-Men Days of Future Past is from Marvel Studios, to be distributed by 20th Century Fox through Warner Bros.

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