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Bringing a Whole New Tekken Experience: Tekken Card Tournament

Just discovered another cool online game and I'm currently enjoying it. The down side, I'm becoming counter productive again.

3 reasons why I like this game:
  • it is based to one of the best fighting game ever created -- Tekken.
  • It is a card game that don't only involve card shuffling and repetitive card viewing. The game is basically still like Tekken but the difference is, the actions are done on a turn based fashion with the use of cards.
  • Lastly, it is cross platform. You can play the game as an Android App and Internet Browsers plugin (PC/Mac Unity Plugin installed). And yes your user profile can be synchronized. Soon it will also be available on iOS devices.

Currently the game is on Beta testing.  The Android app is still not available on Google play.  Get it here.  Android app is still wonky so your best bet for now is the browser based application.  The Beta testing is limited. Yesterday they opened 20000 slots for new testers. If you want to try it, grab your chance now before it runs out of slots.

Ok brb, I'm playing again lolz 

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