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Celebrity Chef Marvin Agustin Renews Contract with Knorr

To everyone who don't know, Marvin Agustin is not just the same guy we know from all those teenybopper movies back in the late 90's.  He is not just a grown man now but also a well established Chef and Entrepreneur.  With his numerous restaurants opening, his reputation in the food industry had grown a lot and that is why Knorr think he is just the rightful men to endorse their products.

Last week in Patio Carlito, Whitehouse on 84th, online and traditional media are invited to witness Marvin renew his contract as Knorr's brand ambassador.  Together with Knorr's Senior Brand Manager Miss Seanta Reyes, Marvin signed his new contracts in front of us showing his full confidence of the brand.

Chef Marvin an Ms. Seanta Reyes, Senior Brand Manager for Knorr, during the contract renewal

“It’s nice to promote something that you’ve been already using for a long time, inspired by the teachings of my mom, cooked and served well from the heart,” explains Chef Marvin. “Good food brings good friends and family together, so having Knorr by your side, is already an assurance that you have an ally in the kitchen, which I consider the heart of every home.”

Marvin is also happy to tell stories about her experience with Knorr prior to this endorsement telling that he has been using the products ever since the first time he learned how to cook from her loving mother Maria Teresa. 

“The kitchen has bonded me and my mom in unexpected ways, and I am thankful that Knorr has given me this chance to share a part of myself to every mother in the country,” says the accomplished restaurateur-chef-actor. “Together with Knorr, we will provide modern-day Filipino families with dishes that respond to their needs, while making their cooking experience fulfilling, pleasurable and enriching.”

Of course the media is given the chance to try Chef Marvin's cooking, with the use of Knorr products.  This is my first time to try his servings and they only don't look good but definitely taste good too.  Definitely the right man for Knorr.

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