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The Bourne Legacy Clip: Aaron Cross Versus Manila Police

Another must watch clip from The Bourne Legacy.  I'm very sure people would love to see.  On this one and a half minute clip features Jeremy Renner (Aaron Cross) and Rachel Weisz (Marta) running from Manila police who appears to be looking for them. Not sure if they have connections with the villains but one thing is for sure, they are not stopping until they actually get them.   Watch the clip after the jump.

I hope this is just a fraction of the movie's Manila scene.  I getting more excited about it.  I'm happy for those actor who got the chance to be exposed on this Hollywood film, specially that actress I only know from her roles that are usually yayas in movies and teleseryes.

it is a shame that I don't know her name.  Please hit the comments if anyone knows :)

So far all of them are doing a good job and not just acting like how extras do on our local productions. Kudos.

Opening in cinemas on August 8, 2012. The Bourne Legacy is from Universal Pictures, to be distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment.

source: IGNentertainment

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