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Jori on the Scene: Posing with the Dark Knight

Just got home from the Philippine IMAX advance screening of The Dark Knight Rises and look who I just met: the caped crusader himself, Batman!!!

What I can tell you about the movie for now is this is a great closing for Nolan's Batman saga.  He definitely delivered a finale you won't ever forget.  He definitely caught us off guard and we like him for that.  That's all I can say.  Don't tempt me to talk further because even the slightest hint will definitely giveaway the spoiler.  You will know when I finally publish my full review probably in the end of the week. Advice: don't read reviews if you want to experience the wow factor of The Dark Knight Rises.  Like I said, even with reviews who says they are spoiler free may giveaway a clue that will reveal the film's turning point.  Not necessarily intentional but they can without knowing it.  Now if you are so eager to know what I'm talking about,  then watch it later when it finally opens on cinemas nationwide distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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