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Expanding my Reading Materials: Spider-man Magazine

First time to buy magazine since I resigned.  Yes, that's how I manage my budget now by not buying anything that is literally not part of my everyday meal.  But I guess it is time to go back and expand my reading materials at home because my writing is slowly getting dull and I need to read something other than my usual materials and websites. So last night after a movie night and a quick visit in Caloocan for a friend's relative's funeral, I decided to stop by 7-11 to grab a drink. Then inside I discovered this new magazine that instantly caught my attention.

I discovered that ABS CBN Publishing is releasing a localized Spider-man Magazine. I remember back in elementary when a classmate use to buy Spider-man magazines and I spend a lot of my weekends just reading them. The magazine contains an exclusive comic written and drawn specially for the magazine (I remember there is an extra X-Men comic too).  The story is not necessarily canon to the main continuity  but it is definitely a good read.  Other than the comics are some feature articles and of course activity pages for the kids.

For now ABS CBN Pub said that the magazine is still bimonthly, and for now there is no plans of making it a monthly release.  Don't worry, this magazine is cheaper than it looks.  It is only P120 on retail magazines stores, super affordable for all the kids and geek aficionados.  Grab your copies now.

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