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Faith in Vampire Movies Restored: Dark Shadows Movie Review

Just got home from a quick visit to a friend for the wake of his grandmother.  But earlier this evening, I was invited to view Warner Bros. latest offering -- Dark Shadows.  I went to the cinema expecting the usual Tim Burton formula.  His last movie Alice in Wonderland did pretty good on my taste but it left this lasting impression of Burton creating synthetic worlds that are hard to relate  not to mention not quite so relaxing for the mind.  Good thing Dark Shadows departed from that execution and created a straight forward movie that any average joe can actually understand.

If I will give everyone a tip, don't over analyze Dark Shadows.  It is a what you see is what you get movie.  All the answers you need are spoon fed by the characters themselves.  This enables the viewers to enjoy the movie without worrying about the complexity of the plot.  Though obviously the plot's simplicity is not the film's main strength, it is Tim Burton's execution and the actor's brilliant performances that make the film worth enjoying.  I also like the superhero vibe of that final fight scene.  That scene when they are all fighting the villain gave me this weird feeling of nostalgia of Burton's old superhero movies such as Batman and Batman Returns.  We all know that we just came from The Avengers high and this scene somehow gave the same goosebumps in terms of toughness and swagger.

Dark Shadows absolutely revived my dying interest on vampire themed entertainment.  This film is definitely highly recommended specially if you are already tired of pseudo vampire flicks.  Opening in cinemas on May 10, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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