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The Avengers Retrospect: Iron Man's Armory [UPDATED]

It is the second week of The Avengers in US (3 weeks international) and it is still doing great on the box office. One thing that really appeals to the moviegoers is the familiarity of characters on both geeks and regular audiences.  Now if we will be talking about popularity, Tony Stark aka Iron man played by Robert Downey Jr. is probably the most well known on the ensemble of cast.  But as much as Tony's character is loved by many, I believe his Armors gets all the attention on the movies.

But did you know that Tony Stark has already collected a lot of version of his armor?  In tribute to Tony Stark's armors, we will be having a tour on his armory on both comic book and movie universe.


Bleeding Edge Armor


MK 7 - The Avengers Movie
Now that Iron Man 3 is on the way, I'm really excited to see what the new armor will look like.  I've heard they are doing Extremis so to everybody who don't read the comic, w'eve already saw Tony's armor become a suit case, then a moving wardrobe, and now on The Avengers a *SPOILERS!!!*, Extremis is a little bit on a next level because once in Tony's life it almost drive him insane.  I'm really looking forward to that.

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*Earth 616 - Comic Main Universe



This update is for a special request by a friend. Personally speaking the Iron Tech Suit of Ultimate universe is the least of my favorite together with the Sapien Deathmatch suit from House of M. I don't like them simply because they don't embody the Iron Man I use to know. Though they are creatively done, aesthetically they are too much for an Iron Man suit. Good thing they are just alternate universe and we will not be seeing them for long. Last time I checked, Ultimate universe already updated Iron Man's armor and make it look more closely to the design of Mk. 3 from Iron Man movie. The other two suit above is the Iron Patriot and Rescue Armor. The only thing that these two have in common is they are not armors used by Tony Stark. Iron Patriot is an armor Norman Osborn created for himself when he took over Stark Industry in Marvel's Dark Reign Saga. The Rescue armor on the other hand is an armor piloted by none other than Pepper Potts when she used it during the Dark Reign Saga as a temporary replacement for the fugitive Tony Stark.

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Markus said...

THe EXTREMIS???.. Wow! IM3 is gonna be exciting!

Lets cross our fingers and hope the new director will be up to the tremendous task, though. Favreau left such huge shoes to fill!

Joriben Zaballa said...

IKR, but I think Favreau is confident that Shane Black can pull it. I wonder if Favs will cameo on IM 3, he is still Happy Hogan after all. I understand that the movie will be set in China but they could show him even in a brief moment. Oh well, I'm just happy that this Marvel Cinematic Universe is doing great. Looking forward for the future of this franchise.

Gio Paredes said...

Nice blog entry Jori... naisama mo rin sana dito yung Ultimate Ironman na armor. :-) http://addictedtoplastic.blogspot.com/2008/05/marvel-legends-ultimate-iron-man.html

-Gio Paredes

Joriben Zaballa said...

@gio I concentrated on the earth 616 and the movie universe. If I will include Ultimates, I will be obligated to also post all the misc versions like Planet X and House of M. But why not, I'll try if I can update this post with those armors.

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