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Frank Miller Update: New Poster for Sin City 2 and 300 Prequel Gets Eva Green

So currently Warner Bros. is enjoying a good return for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows.  Though not as much like The Avengers, the dark comedy fantasy flick had gained enough praise (and backlash) for its daring take of classic soap opera. Now one of the star in the film is set to be taking another big shoes next year as she is set to star on the Frank Miller prequel, 300: Battle of Artemisia.

The hot seductress Eva Green is now officially attached to Warner bros. upcoming prequel to the 2007 Frank Miller masterpiece.  She will be playing Artemisia, a warrior Queen of Caria that became Xerxes' ally on many battles including the famous Battle of Salamis.  According to reports and early press releases, this movie will eventually explain how Xerxes become the God King we all know on the first film and Artemisia will play a big role on this back story.

Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo in 300 and Eve Green as Morgan from Camelot TV series
Like what I said earlier, this is a big shoes since Eve Green will be filling the shoes of Lena Headey who plays a strong female character on the first film as King Leonidas' (Gerard Butler) wife Queen Gorgo.  But unlike Queen Gorgo, Artemisia will have a lot of action scenes and we will expect Eva Green to be more buff compared to her usual physique.

Meanwhile on other news, Sin City 2 film releases its first poster.  Not really that much, but it is a Frank Miller art so it is really good.  Simple and catchy.

Both slated for a 2013 release, 300: Battle of Artemisia is to be distributed by Warner Bros. and Sin City 2 to be distributed by The Weinstein Company.

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