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Laughing Out Loud with Cats: History of Lolcats [infographic]

They are funny, cute, adorable and insane.  They are what we call lolcats.  These independently designed images are created mostly to convey humor by the use of Cat photos combined with texts.  This images are commonly found on image boards and discussion boards as a means of online users to convey what they feel on a very creative and unique way.  Though obviously, the name sake comes from LOL (laugh out loud) and cat combined, I'm still curious about when did this online craze start.  Good thing I found this infographic online that chronicles some of the important dates concerning our favorite online meme.

Click the image for a bigger view.

From a craze to a global phenomena.  The fad that we all thought will fade in just few weeks still lives until now.  I predict that they will stay for another 6 years, unless something better comes out like FTWDOG or GTFGIRRAFFE or the likes.

But for now, lolcats rule.  Deal with it.

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