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Deconstructing the Greek System: Fraternities in the U.S. [infographic]

Fraternities and Sororities had become staple elements on most youth oriented Movies and TV Series especially those who's major plot revolves around College life.  Though some students choose not to become members, most student still believe that belonging to one makes them better acquainted during their stay.  But far from how they are portrayed on films and TV series, do we really know the real deal behind these Collegiate organizations?  Time to educate ourselves.

Here is an infographic shared to me that can be very helpful to understand the Greek System in United States, it shows mostly facts that we never knew about Frats and Sororities and I assume some of them you still don't know.  Click the image for a bigger view.

Interesting data right?  Here in the Philippines, I never got the chance to be part of any Fraternities.  So everything I know about these stuff are limited to stories told by my friends, News and from movies and TV series I watch.  Now I know better.

Do you have any thoughts about the infographic?  Hit the comments section below and speak out your mind.

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