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Zaturnnah Sa Kalakhang Maynila Mockup Cover

Carlo Vergara, artist and creator of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah has yet again shared another sample artwork that can become the cover of the first part of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah book 2.

Just experimenting. Aaaargh about the colors. I might use this piece. I might not. Most probably not. - Carlo
For me this study is good.  But personally I want Zaturnnah facing front.  She is hotter that way haha.

Zaturnnah Chicken Mode. Funny but still Hot.  And I dig that abs.

After the big success of Zsa zsa Zaturnnah graphic novel 9 years ago, more than 7 runs of Musical performance and 1  motion picture, at last Carlo is finishing the most anticipated sequel for one of the well loved Filipino comic book character.

If you are one of the lucky ones who saw the latest stage performance in CCP, Carlo already released the preview of the book on a 26 paged sneak peek.  Actually I've already saw more than this 26 page because he shared it on his blog here.  So far I can say that the tone of book 2 is gayer than the first one.  Sa lenguwahe nga ng mga bading "ibang level ang kabaklaan".  

Now will the rest of the book be too gay for straight readers?  Well that is yet to be discovered.  Personally speaking, I will still grab this book no matter how gay it is.  I love the first book and that is enough reason to get the sequel.

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