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Gordon-Levitt and Cotillard The Dark Knight Rises Characters Finalized

I posted here before that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is cast as Alberto Falcone aka Holiday killer in the next Batman film.  But just hours ago, Warner bros. released an official statement regarding Gordon-Levitt's character together with Marion Cotillard's which is different from what I reported before.

BURBANK, CA, April 19, 2011 – Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Oscar® winner Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have joined the cast of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend.

Cotillard will appear as Miranda Tate, a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.

Gordon-Levitt will play John Blake, a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon.

The film reunites the actors with Christopher Nolan, who recently directed them in the award-winning blockbuster “Inception.”

The director stated, “When you collaborate with people as talented as Marion and Joe, it comes as no surprise that you would want to repeat the experience. I immediately thought of them for the roles of Miranda and Blake, and I am looking forward to working with both of them again.”

The revealation is a little disappointing since the characters seems to be not of any known name on the Batman mythos.  But on the other hand some blogs mentioned that the initial rumors can still be possible on an angle where Miranda Tate and John Blake can be possibly just covers for Talia Al Ghul and Alberto Falcone so that they can infiltrate Wayne Industries.

Hmmm that could work.  But if not, then I will still respect Nolan's decision to put Joseph amd Marion on those characters.  I'm pretty sure they will still do good. “The Dark Knight Rises” is slated for release beginning July 20, 2012. The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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