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Sneak Peek: Charice Back on Glee Sings "All by Myself"

Glee will soon come back on the 19th with Season 2's 17th episode titled "Night of Neglect".  This is the start of the final arc of Glee's latest season which will chronicle New Direction's road to the Nationals.

Sue Silvester forming the League of Doom: Dustin Goolsby,
Sandy Ryerson and Terri Del Monico

A lot of things are set to happen including Sue's plot to form a team of villains/antagonists against our favorite Glee club.  There is also rumors that Kurt will be back on his alma matter and Blaine will be joining him.  But there is another thing that everybody are excited to see on this episode.  That is none other than the return of Sunshine Corazon played by the Filipina Internartional popstar Charice.  And since everyone are already excited why don't you take a peek on Charice's performance on this episode singing Eric Carmen's "All By Myself".

Charice did caught my attention there.  Well she sing like how she sings all the time so nothing special there.  But what impresses me on this clip is Charice's skill in acting.  If TV and Movies won't hire her, I suggest that she should try doing musical theater.  She is a gold!

Excited for the return of Glee on Tuesday :)

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Ria Hazel said...

Excited na rin ako! And Gossip girl's back on Monday naman after a long hiatus :)

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