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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

New X-Men First Class Total Film Promo Shots and International Trailer

Total Film magazine is releasing more shots for 20th Century FOX's X-Men First Class.  Though there are a lot of them, I'm just posting two of the best and new shots.

The first one is almost epic but I think every character photos don't have matching perspective in the collage while the last one don't really excite me.  But still looking forward to see this and I hope they will surprise me.  Also below is an unpublished trailer that is released many weeks ago as an international trailer and just after weeks of release the trailer is then translated to English for US audience.  Here is a new trailer much better than the first one that reveals more interesting footages.

Will premiere on Philippine theaters on June 2, 2011 from Marvel Studios and 20th Century FOX.

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