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Go Crazy Over Derek Ramsay and RED Mobile's Crazy Low Rates

Kapamilya hunk and my self-proclaimed twin brother (ehem!), Derek Ramsay is now RED Mobile's first and newest endorser and campaign model. Derek's charisma among the ladies and a perfect role model for the guys are just some of the reason why RED Mobile think he fits the job.  Now as his first task, he is promoting now a newest rate that will surely benefit all RED Mobile subscribers.

RED Mobile is currently promoting a new promotional rate exclusive for subscribers.  "Crazy Low Rates" enables users to use as low as P4.00 for Unlimited Text to RED and P8.00 for Unlimited call and text to RED.  Yes, you read it right.  Crazy but it is true.  Currently,  this is the lowest unlimited denomination in history of local telco industry.

With all prices going up, this news is definitely a music to the ear of everyone who are trying to save extra cash and still have unlimited texts and calls on their mobile phones.  Thanks to "Crazy Low Rates",  from now on going unli is no big deal.  So to those who want to enjoy this service, maybe this is the time.  Share the good news to all your friends and turn RED now!

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