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A Tale of Three Kingdoms: Orosman at Zafira

Last August I got the chance to watch this epic musical in UP. It was a refreshing experience for me who seldom watch tagalog plays. Though I admit, that time I have difficulties on understanding the bits of details of the show because of its archaic nature and I'm more focused on visual pleasure. So I promised myself to watch it again. But I failed when the show closes last year. But good news came and I'm so lucky that I will be having another shot to watch it because Dulaang UP is bringing it back and now on the comfort of SM Mall of Asia.
What is this show? Here, let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time on a realm beyond, there are three kingdoms who coexist harmoniously. Marueccos, Duquela and Tedenst work hand in hand to maintain peace and order among its people. But this harmony and balance between the kingdoms eventually starts to crumble when greed and lust of power slowly consume their heart and souls. This starts when Mahamud (Neil Tolentino), pacha of Marueccos and over all Sultan of the three kingdoms is assassinated by Boulasem (Nazer Salcedo), pacha of Tedenst. This signals the start of unending war between the kingdoms that left thousands of deaths and engulfing the kingdoms under darkness.

Amidst the war, two unlikely hearts met and eventually falls madly in love. Orosman (Jay Gonzaga) son of Boulasem and Zafira (Maita Ponce, Delphine Buencamino) daughter of the fallen Sultan Mahamud, falls head over heels to one another. Trying to ignore the war for their Love, the struggle for power still tore the two apart. Now in the middle of swords, spears, arrows and sticks, Orosman and Zafira are forced to fight on the side of there respective kingdom. Will their Love prevail?

"Orosman at Zafira" is an epic Comedia (drama) written by the same genius who created the famous "Florante at Laura", Francsico Baltazar. This musical is a modern reimagination of the Baltazar classical creation. With the original music of Carol Bello, this show has mesmerized hundreds of theater lovers since it was first staged by Dulaang UP in 2008 with I believe Felix Rivera and Chris Villonco on the title role. It has been restaged last year and once again the show received mostly positive reviews.

With the growing popularity of "Orosman at Zafira", theater lover and lawyer Atty. Darwin Mariano decides to produce a run to be staged in SM Mall of Asia. With his passion and love to home grown theater, Darwin successfully broke the barrier and brought Dulaang UP to mainstream theater scene.

This run will be composed of a good mix of professional actors and UP students. Among the leads are Jay Gonzaga (Orosman), Maita Ponce (Zafira), Delphine Buencamino (Zafira), Tao Aves (Zelima), Roeder Camañag (Abdalap), Red Concepcion (Aldervesin), Kevin Concepcion (Zelim), Acey Aguilar (Zelim), Jacinta Remulla (Gulnara), Jean Judith Javier (Gulnara), Nazer Salcedo (Boulasem), Neil Tolentino (Mahamud) and Felipe Ronnie Martinez (Ben-Asar).

To be directed and choreographed by no other than Dexter M. Santos, this Aliw Awards nominee Musical is coming to everyone starting February 5 at SM Mall of Asia Centerstage theater. Tickets are available on all Ticketworld (8919999) and SM Tickets (4702222) outlet.

Just based on what were shown to us and what I saw last year, "Orosman at Zafira" is a show that no theater lover should let pass.

"Buwan man o taon ang bilangin, pag-ibig, pag-ibig at pag-ibig pa rin."

  • Feb 5 - 10am 3pm 8pm
  • Feb 11 - 8pm
  • Feb 12 - 10am 3pm 8pm
  • Feb 18 - 8pm
  • Feb 19 - 10am 3pm 8pm
  • Feb 25 - 8pm
  • Feb 26 - 3pm 8pm
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[Feb 26/Sat/3PM @ CenterStage, Mall of Asia]

Ticket Price: P350

To reserve and purchase tix, contact Onay 0918.536.2116

Thanks Joriben.com! =)

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