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Jennylyn Mercado on FHM November 2009

I will admit it, Jennylyn could be my least fav Starstruck alumni though I admire her for her singing prowess.  But as years go by especially when she got pregnant, she became more matured and not to mention very sexy. 

The last time we saw her on FHM last year, she posed in FHM January 2008.  She really surprised everybody.  But most fans still wants more.

And here is Jenn on her latest FHM gig.  A more sexier Jennylyn on more sexier outfits.  Wow, that is hot.  And that cover is just a teaser, wait till you see the content.  Grab your copy now on your nearest magazine stand and take home Jennylyn in the comfort of your own home.  You really need it, especially in this kind of weather, trust me hahahaha.

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batangbatugan said...

Sumobra na naman sa photsohop >.>;

Joriben Zaballa said...

@wilson uu nga eh

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