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I Discover the Door, I Discover Ovi

Its been 6 years when I first started blogging and I remember its is full of non sense juvenile rants.  After 4 years, I decided to become a more serious blogger by opening a public blog.  At first I don't really know what niche is perfect for my blog.  Not until one day, while watching a movie on my laptop a sudden realization just pops in front of me.  Why not a movie blog?  For a movie lover like me, passion is a definitely an effortless way of maintaining a blog site without giving myself hassle to update it everyday.  And  Jori's Entertainment Journal is born.

But what I thought very easy is also very frustrating.  Now that I'm in the peak of my career as an Entertainment correspondent, I'm having several problems on file hosting.  Of course I need a service that can handle images and videos that I can use on my site at the same time a means to propagate my links.  Friends suggested that I should avail of paid hosting for my files.  But for a PRACTICAL person like me, paid hosting is very pricey.  Yes, I prefer something FREE but RELIABLE and UNLIMITED. 

And all my prayers are answered when I discovered Ovi.  Ovi lets you organize your contacts, places and MEDIA from a single location. You can create, manage and share media, maintain calendar events, contacts and to-dos, and stay in touch with friends and communities as you would with a standard internet browser.

With Ovi Share Service my problem with media hosting is solved.   Ovi Share gives you UNLIMITED SPACE and sets you free to share it.  Upload photos, video or audio from your mobile device or PC and publish them on Ovi — instantly, and as publicly or privately as you like. 

Ovi Share is a place for collaboration, too. Arrange your media into collections and choose exactly what to share — and who you want to share it with. Invite contributions, host a shared slideshow and re-publish your pictures on your social networks in moments.

Surprisingly, with all this awesome features, all of them are free for you to enjoy and utilize.

So I'm inviting everyone to try out this online service.  Just log in to www.ovi.com, create an account and be ready to try Ovi Share and other Ovi Brands.

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Rochelle said...

because of this entry, I registered at the ovi site :)

I love the ad!

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