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Marvel Unveils Phase 3 with Civil War, Infinity War and a Black Panther

On a special event held in El Capitan Theater Hollywood, Marvel Studios Presdent Kevin Feige announces the full lineup for Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3 and it is good.  Here are the titles we will get until year 2019.

Marvel Studios Wants Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

A lot of fans of Benedict Cumberbatch fans once wished that he takes over the role of The Doctor when Matt Smith left BBC's longest running Science Fiction series, Doctor Who.  But then again, the role went to Peter Capaldi who is the current resident of the TARDIS as the 12th Doctor.  But it looks like Cumberbatch is already destined to play another Doctor, though this time is from the biggest film franchise of the decade because he is now being eyed for the role of Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange.

Marvel's Avengers Age of Ultron First Trailer Now Officially Out!!!

So amidst all the leakage, Marvel decides to release an official high resolution version of trailer for the most anticipated sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Watch it in full HD after the jump.

First Look: Marvel Cinematic Universe' Daredevil

Straight from NYCC, Marvel announced and released official photos for the upcoming Netflix series Daredevil. See the photos after the jump.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, the alter ego of Daredevil

Daredevil's first costume based on the Daredevil Arc "The Man without Fear" written by Frank Miller and with art by John Romita Jr.

It is already assumed that the series will be heavily inspired by the Frank Miller story so it is just expected that they will also use Romita's iconic costume.  Not really a big fan of the character but the fact that it is now  part of the MCU, I'm interested how Matt Murdock can fit on the existing continuity of Marvel cinematic property.  Looking forward for this in 2015.

Antoinette Taus Makes a Comeback With Grease Manila

Who didn't know this petite sweetheart of the 90's who make waves with her string of TV and movie projects many years ago.  She left Philippines and stayed abroad for more than a decade and now she is determined to reclaim her royalty as one of the country's top performer.  But this time not through TV and not even with Movies.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Antoinette Taus is back as Betty Rizzo for 9 Works Theatrical's Grease.

Toys R Us 21st Store in PH Opens with Robinsons Place Antipolo

Good news to all kids and kids at heart from the province of Rizal.  Now you don't need to travel miles from home because Toys R Us opened their 21st branch at the newly constructed Robinsons Place Antipolo. Despite being cozy or having a small space, TRU managed to fit all well known brands their merchants always purchase.  Here's some photos from the opening day.

First Look: Angry Birds Movie. Birds Makeover!!!

Sony Pictures releases an official first look for the upcoming film adaptation of Angry Birds.  And look how our favorite suicidal birds look different from their game and toon counterparts.  See the exciting picture after the jump.

Bryan Mills Versus The World: Taken 3 Trailer and Poster Released

20th Century Fox just released the very first trailer for the 3rd and final chapter of the Taken film franchise.  Liam Neeson is back as the retired CIA agent Bryan Mills as he run for his life.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

Steven Silva Joins Grease the Musical Rerun

Good news to those who missed 9 Works Theatrical's Grease because they are officially coming back this coming November.  With an added treat, new cast members are joining the crew.  The first one announced, from the set of The Kitchen Musical: The Boston, comes Steven Silva as Johnny Casino.

Dawn of Justice: Official Photo of Batmobile Released

I've seen all photos circulating on the net that features Ben Affleck's Batmobile for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  But here is the very first official shot released by none other than Zack Snyder himself. Indulge.

Concept Art: Marvel Cinematic Universe's Vision

Just in case you missed it, here is a concept art work featuring Marvel Studio's version of Vision for The Avengers: Age of Ultron that will be played by Paul Bettany.

Walt Disney Reveals Into The Woods First Trailer

Walt Disney Pictures finally releases the very first trailer for the big screen adaptation of the critically acclaimed musical Into the Woods.  Watch it after the jump.

SDCC: Marvel Studios Poster Arts for Age of Ultron and Antman

Yep I know, this posters are unveiled several days ago but you can't blame me, I waited for the completed version before posting in on my blog.  Behold, the ultimate The Avengers: Age of Ultron Poster Art featuring all the Avengers plus the newcomers: Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and a glimpse of Vision (Paul Bettany).

SDCC: WB Finally Unvieled Gal Gadot in full Wonder Woman Costume

And suddenly, Warner Bros. revealed this in San Diego.  Gal Gadot on full Wonder Woman Suit.

SDCC: New Batman Official Photo of Ben Affleck for Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. Pictures just released a new promotional photo featuring Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight.  Not much but still good.

Entertainment Weekly Reveals First Look on Ultron for The Avengers 2

Entertainment Weekly just unveiled the most anticipated villain for the upcoming box office comicbook movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  See him after the jump.
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