First Trailer Now Out!!!
    Past and Future Collides in First official Trailer!!!

United Once Again: X-Men Days of Future Past Last Trailer Now Out!!!

Fox now releases the final trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past, heavily focusing on Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) journey to the past. meeting the younger Charles Xavier/Professor X (james McAvoy), Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult) and Raven Darkhome/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence).  Watch the final trailer after the jump.

Avengers Alliance Tactics Beta Test Log 01: First Impressions

So I'm back after playing Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics for days.  And now I'm ready to share some first impressions about this new spinoff Facebook app that may also answer some frequently asked questions.  So here are they.

Facebook: Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics Now on Close Beta

Remember when Marvel Avengers Alliance conquered Facebook back in 2011? After 3 years of staying as one of the well received Facebook app (now also available on Android and iOS), Marvel and Facebook is ready to take it to the next level.  Here comes Marvel Avengers Alliance TACTICS.

Rio 2's Pedro and Nico Meet and Greet Schedules and Venue

Rio 2 is finally coming this week on cinemas. And it is a treat for kids and kids at heart to meet some of the cast in person. Well you are in luck. Pedro and Nico is in the town. You can catch them in selected malls. Here is the schedule of their visits so you can meet and take photos with them.

New Posters for Maleficent Introduces Aurora and Diaval

Walt Disney Pictures unveils new posters and banners spotlighting Sleeping Beauty herself, Aurora (Elle Fanning) and Maleficent's most loyal sidekick Diaval (Sam Riley).  See the posters after the jump.

X-Men Days of Future Past Character Poster Overload!!!

FOX releases a bunch of character posters for X-Men Days of Future Past.  Feast your eyes with these eye candies you will wish to have on your own walls.  See them after the jump.

First Trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Released

Visually speaking, I like it.  But the scoring makes the whole trailer sounds like a Transformers spin-off.  Believe me, if I'm blind I will instantly think this is a TransFormers trailer. Oh well, still a good watch.  See it after the jump.

Soldiers, Spies and Secrets: Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Review

No matter how good all superhero movies are, there are still moments when we actually look for something more.  Something beyond all the heroics and super powers.  More than all the vigilante justice we see on most superhero titles.  Now we are lucky somebody is trying to change that.

The Amazing Spider-man 2: Green Goblin's Close Up will give you Nightmares

So anyone wondering how the new Green Goblin looks like in close up?  I thought they will be keeping it under wraps until the movie is released but I guess some little soul out there can't resist the urge to leak a very clear photo/art of DaneDehaan as the menacing Green Goblin.  And here he is.

The War that Transcends Time: X-Men DOFP Trailer 2 Now Revealed

Fox releases a second trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past featuring more new footage and the first chance to see the Sentinels in action.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

Final Trailer for The Amazing Spider-man 2 Unleashed

Before the epic premiere next month, Sony releases the final trailer for one of the most anticipated superhero sequel this year.  Watch it after the jump.

Fox ang Blue Sky Studios Releases Peanuts Movie Teaser

With the popularity of animated features these past years, it is just fitting to have one of the most well loved comic/cartoon and adapt it on a full length CGI goodness.  Thanks to 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios (makers of Rio, Ice Age and Epic), the creation of Charles Schulz is coming soon on the big screen. Watch the first teaser for Peanuts: The 3D Movie.

Maleficent Spreads Her Wings on Latest Featurette

I like it when small things are added in films that can actually arouse strong interest among the audience.  Like putting a pair of wings on Angelina Jolie as she portrays Maleficent on the upcoming epic fantasy adventure from Walt Disney Picture.  See the clip after the jump.

Sin CIty: A Dame to Kill For Trailer Now Rolling

For the fans of Frank Miller's Neo Noir masterpiece comes the first Trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.  Feast your eyes and indulge on some monochromatic goodness.

Annie 2014 Musical Remake Releases First Trailer

Sony Pictures releases first trailer for the modern day remake for the classic musical we all love, Annie.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

Maleficent's Regal Cheekbones Grace Entertainment Weekly's Cover

An intro is not necessary.  Angelina Jolie as Maleficent on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.  Oh I'm loving her more.
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