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Early Days of Blogging Era: "Julie and Julia" Movie Review

We all love to eat no doubt to that.  Now if you combine food and movie that is another story.  We have a bunch of films before that tackles this kind of plot.    And this next movie that I will review is no different.  Julie and Julia by Columbia Pictures is a film obviously about two women who loves eating and cooking.  But what does this movie have that sets apart to other movies with food theme. 

Well guess what?  It tackles something that all of us love to do:  Blogging.

Julie and Julia is a film based on a real story of a near 30 New Yorker, Julie Powell (Amy Adams) who plans to change her boring life by cooking recipes from her favorite cooking book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" written by Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and publish it on writing.  But because of lack of resources, she decided to open a blog instead.  And there starts Julie's culinary adventures.

The story is well structured.  It is presented on a chronological order at the same time two timelines are being overlapped.  The movie regularly switches from Julia Child's timeline (1950) to Julie Powell's (2002).  Though the shots don't have noticeable differences, you will still see that scenes belong to different eras because of a well designed sets and costumes.

I strongly recommend the movie not only for food bloggers but also to all kinds of bloggers because the movie discusses an era where blogging is still on its Pioneering days.  Blogging could be the biggest thing today but on Julie's time, only few are doing it.  The film shows that bloggers back then are more of a writer than SEO nerds.  Blogs is an alternative for those who can't publish a book but wants to share what they are doing.  Bloggers are driven by passion though sometimes they also experience the thirst of fame but in the end what makes them happy is when they achieve their goal.  The movie also talks about the emotional aspects of blogging that most bloggers can really relate.

Other than being pretty and having a sweet voice on her Disney Film "Enchanted", Amy Adams proved that she can really act.  After appearing on "Doubt", Adams reunites with veteran actress Meryl Streep.  Though they don't really have scenes together, Amy Adams' did a very good job on this film.  I also want to praise Stanley Tucci for his performance as Julia Child's very supportive husband Paul Child. 

Good cast plus interesting material equals one sweet and evocative flick that everyone should watch especially bloggers.  I want to congratulate Nora Ephron and Columbia Pictures for having this lovable feel good flick.

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Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting Blog called:
Julie and Julia about some of the Hollywood stars in the movie and their family ties from the Family Forest Project:


Alexis said...

Looks like an entertaining movie!

Julia Child
and her Ancestors-at-a-glance(tm) fan chart


for more like this on other Hollywood stars see http://www.familyforest.com

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