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Battle of the Sexes: The Ugly Truth Movie Review

Last week, I'm with my sister in SM Mall of Asia and we have a bonding session.  Then we decided to see a movie.  Something funny and entertaining.  So I picked this flick that stars Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.

The Ugly Truth is a film about a career woman named Abby (Katherine Heigl), producer of network news program on TV.  Her life use to be list driven and always based on standards.  But not until she woke up one day realizing she got a very boring and not to mention miserable love life.  Thanks to Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) host of a men's show "The Ugly Truth", Abby became more frustrated about her men dealing problems. But things become much worse when they found out that they will be working together on a show.  Now the battle unfolds between the sexes.  Who will prevail?  We don't know.  But one thing is for sure, both of them will discover the ugly truth.

The Ugly Truth is your typical flick that utilizes the "battle of the Sexes" device that has been used for centuries on Romantic Comedies.  The usual portrayal of a well reserved and conservative woman against a chauvinistic and liberated man.  The plot is also the same, of course both will not agree to one another but eventually in th end they will end up as a couple.  The story is old and predictable but I'll admit it the movie is still entertaining.

Katherine Heigl after her stint on Grey's Anatomy and her acclaimed performances on "Knocked up" and "27 Dresses", she never fails to make me laugh on this movie.  Gerard Butler though didn't really gave something new out there for I still prefer actors like Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider on his post.  All he does is use those "V" word and "F" word so often and a lot of trusting.  He doesn't look natural and lacks the attitude in this film.  Yes he can be manly in 300 but here, a big no.

On the other hand I still admire Robert Luketic for creating another feel good film after doing the film "21" that stars Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.  Though in my opinion, The Ugly Truth didn't surpass what Legally Blonde did  years ago.

If you want to watch an entertaining and funny flick, watch this film.  But don't expect more for you will be disappointed.  Distributed by Columbia Pictures, catch it while its still on theaters.

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