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Visiting Cesar Montano's Bee Hive

I never watched Singing Bee before not until last two weeks ago. We are invited by ABS CBN to witness the taping of one episode. We arrived at the studio and welcomed by ABS CBN staff. They let us eat first our dinner before proceeding in the studio for the shoot.

Honestly, Singing Bee's set is quite simple but impressive at the same time. There is enough room for the contestants and host, a place dedicated for the Band and singers are placed in an elevated area where everyone can see them. A big screen in the wall and the rest of the studio is occupied by production and the audience.

That night's guest singer is Zsa zsa Padilla who is I believe one of the most idolized singer now in the country joined by other singers who are products of ABS CBN's talent search.

The show started with a very lively music extravaganza while introducing Cesar "Bubuy" Mongtano as the host. Then followed by the introduction of the contestants as they enter the stage. Among the contestants that night are the following:

  1. Nina Ricci Alagao, Carlene Aguilar, and Miriam Quiambao
  2. Christian Bautista, Erik Santos, and Nina
  3. Dexter Doria, Evangeline Pascual and Glenda Garcia
  4. Team Wedding Officials
  5. Team Fashion Designers
It is really easy to know the basic rule of the game, the music didn't matter as long as you know the lyrics. The show has different rounds with different procedure of playing but basically all of them requires the players to complete the songs. After several rounds, Christian, Nina and Eric won the current episode and automatically set to go one on one with the current reigning champions: Beverly Salviejo, Ogie Diaz and Joy Viado. After the battle, the team of Nina, Christian and Eric got the most number of points that automatically strips Joy, Beverly and Ogie's title as the Singing Bee champions.

The show ended and I admit, I enjoyed it.

After that, we proceed to the host's dressing room for the quick exclusive interview with the show's host, Mr. Cesar Montano and the shows executive producer Ms. Carla Burnwell to ask some questions about Singing Bee.

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to ABS CBN for the opportunity of visiting the set of Singing Bee and for the chance to meet Mr. Cesar Montano.

Till next time.

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