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The Most STIRRING story in STIR

It is with Stir people whom I first heard of the news. The moment they plurked about the upcoming scoop about the Hayden Kho x Katrina Halili Scandal Video, I became restless and began asking some connections about the rumor. But the rumor became real when a real video came out. Though I have already a copy sent to me by an anonymous sender, Stir still beat the clock and posted the scoop first. This is where all the scandal starts.

Hayden's sexual adventures with different woman most notably with known celebrities such as Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes. The controversy continues to grow as new videos came out sparking an all out lawsuit against the doctor. The case filed by Katrina reached the senate where Hayden and her first face each other since the video's outbreak online.

Hayden-condemned, Katrina-furious, Maricar-believed hiding. But despite all the circus that happens this past few months, the scandal remains unsolved. I find this story very stirring because of the impact of this issue to me and to the people around me. The story is supposed to be just like any other showbiz news that despite its negativity we know it gives the stars the publicity advantage. The three of them, Hayden, Katrina and Maricar is undoubtly being talked about everyday in Blogs, Twitter, Plurk and even on chat rooms.

This is where I first experience how people can get carried away with the news that even friendship can be tested with it. I will not go in to details but all I can say, this showbiz controversy is the most memorable scandal to me. The people could forget it but not me, because this is the story that shows how people tend to judge you so fast disregarding the friendship that you both build for several number of years.

And because of what happened, I started hating the issue more as I watch it on TV news up to the point that I stopped talking about it. But this time for the sake of Stir's promo, I'm writing this article for people to read and share my bad experience. But on the other hand thanks Hayden Kho, without your scandalous videos I would not discover those who are real friends.

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